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Bringing Authentic Moroccan Cuisine to the Global Stage

Flavors of Morocco

In an innovative move to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Morocco, ODC has launched, the premier online cooking academy dedicated to the art of traditional Moroccan cuisine. This platform is the result of a collaborative effort with esteemed traditional Moroccan women chefs, known as “Dadas,” who are the guardians of Morocco’s gastronomic legacy.

The academy provides an extensive array of video courses in English, catering to various cooking levels, from novice to expert. Each course features clear, easy-to-follow instructions, enabling enthusiasts worldwide to master the authentic flavors of Moroccan cuisine right from their kitchens.

To further our mission of becoming the definitive source for authentic Moroccan culinary content, we have activated a comprehensive social media presence across YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Our diverse content strategy ensures that Flavors of Morocco is accessible and engaging for a global audience, solidifying our platform as the ultimate destination for anyone looking to delve into the rich traditions of Moroccan cooking.