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New Product Development

Eastern, India (Target Market: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – KSA)

Use Case:

As the leading spice exporter from India, Eastern aimed to penetrate the KSA market by introducing new, tailored spice mixtures that resonate with local tastes and culinary traditions.


  • Conduct in-depth market research to gain insights into the KSA market’s culinary preferences and needs.
  • Collaborate with culinary experts to develop bespoke spice blends that cater specifically to the KSA palate.
  • Design both attractive packaging that captures the essence of the new spice mixtures, appealing to the KSA consumer base.


ODC embarked on a comprehensive market research journey, diving deep into the KSA’s rich culinary landscape to identify key flavors and ingredients. This effort culminated in a curated list of the top 10 preferred local recipes. From this, five standout recipes were selected for development. In collaboration with a renowned Saudi chef, ODC crafted unique spice blends that perfectly align with local tastes. Additionally, we undertook the creative process of designing eye-catching packaging. Through this meticulous process, ODC has successfully facilitated the development of distinctive new products, from conceptualization to packaging, ready to make a mark in the KSA market.