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Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Partnerships

BEL Group (Kiri, La Vache Qui Rit, Jibnet Abu Lwalad)
Global Reach: France, Morocco, Middle East, Japan


Since 2018 until 2024 (ongoing), ODC has proudly served as the digital and culinary advisory partner to the esteemed BEL Group, enhancing the digital footprint of its flagship brands: Kiri, La Vache Qui Rit, and Jibnet Abu Lwalad.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses:

1- Crafting innovative digital strategies and campaigns tailored to each brand’s identity and goals.
2- Producing engaging culinary content that resonates with a global audience, driving brand loyalty and consumer interaction.
3- Spearheading product development initiatives, infusing creativity and market insights into new offerings.

Key Achievements:

A highlight of our collaboration includes the development and execution of a bespoke culinary strategy for La Vache Qui Rit Cuisine Morocco. This platform has revolutionized the brand’s digital presence by:

1- Becoming the foremost communication channel for La Vache Qui Rit in Morocco, outperforming traditional brand pages.
2- Cultivating a vibrant community of culinary enthusiasts, through interactive content and authentic engagement.